World's first AUTONOMOUS archaeological GPR survey at Frosta in Norway!

On 7th July 2021, a 24-channel ground-coupled and 35-channel air-launched 3D-Radar Arrays with the AutoAgri unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) was tested @ the archaeological site at Rygg Farm at Frosta (Trøndelag). The site contains a great deal of subsurface archaeological features, including a complex of truncated burial mounds we have been surveying several times with different geophysical techniques. The site is very close to the ancestral assembly site (or Thing) of Frostating.

Last week, Arne, Krzysztof and Carmen performed a geophysical survey of the large 50m in diameter iron age burial mound of Viklem at Ørlandet. This was done by dragging a 3D-radar ground-coupled, step frequency GPR system...

GPR survey @ the Iron Age burial mound of Viklem at Ørlandet (November 2019)