TEMAR Workshop

'Sensing Archaeology in the North'

During 29-30 August 2018, our group, TEMAR, held the workshop "SENSING ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE NORTH: the use of non-destructive sensing methods in archaeology in Scandinavian and North-Atlantic territories". The aim of the meeting was to bring together researchers with interests in applying ground-based, marine and remote sensing methods to investigate archaeological sites in Scandinavia and the North-Atlantic.

13 researchers from institutions in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Scotland & Sweden gathered together during the 2 days. This was an excellent opportunity to know about some interesting projects happening also at high latitudes and discuss some challenges we were facing in our research at several levels.

Some of the outcomes of the workshop included the creation of a formal network and to continue with similar gatherings in the future. As hosts, TEMAR members organised the workshop in Trondheim and I acted as the convener.

We are now in the process to publish some of the papers presented in the workshop in a special issue in Remote Sensing journal.