Research Interests

My research focuses on archaeological geophysics, or in other words, the use of geophysical techniques to discover, map and characterise archaeological sites and landscapes in a non-destructive and minimally invasive way. In particular, I have been working on integrating soil/deposits charaterisation as part of archaeo-geophysical investigations to provide more detailed interpretations. I have been doing this using test-sites in Scotland during my PhD and while exploring sites in Greece and Cyprus as part of my postdoc work at GeoSat ReSeArch.

Besides archaeological investigations, my interests have also developed in humanitarian applications of geophysical prospection. These include the use of high-resolution geophysics to detect illegal infrastructure (something I did during my time in Vienna with the CTBTO) but also to find unmarked human burials and mass-graves.

In my current position at NTNU, I am exploring the use of archaeo-geophysical surveying in frozen soil and snow conditions for various purposes. These include assessing the quality of the results in order to extend the typical ‘geophysical’ fieldwork season. I have been developing other projects related to the recording and monitoring of endangered archaeological sites using an interdisciplinary approach, of course, including geophysics. From time to time, I do a wee bit of teaching on archaeo-geophysics and go to the field to survey some of the beautiful sites we have here in Trøndelag, something I particularly enjoy.


GEOIbers (AICO 2020-250)

COST Action SAGA (CA17131)

Sensing Archaeology in the North (SAN Network)


Austrått Manor Landscape

TEMAR Workshop





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