Geophysics & Soil Analysis in Scottish Archaeology

During my PhD research, I focused on understanding the complexity of archaeo-geophysical signatures by exploring relationships between geophysical and geochemical responses of known archaeological features. If you want to know a bit more on my PhD project I suggest you to have a look at a summary paper I published in Archaeological prospection (see 'PhD Papers'). I also presented one of my case studies at the 10th International Conferences on Archaeological Prospection in Vienna (2013) and the poster I put together (on the right) was awarded Runner Up for the Best Poster Prize :). My experiences during my PhD project were the 'driving force' that push me to ally with other colleagues with similar interests and organise the ISSGAP workshop and prepare the SAGA proposal.

This was the Runner Up (first author) for the Best Poster Prize Award at the 10th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection (AP2013, June 2013, Vienna)